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Lorenzo Mireles’ Life on Stage (Roam Free 003)


He’s 25 and has been in 20 plays. Post-high school.

Lorenzo Mireles, or Larry, as his friends call him, is a talented actor currently working in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve known Larry for several years: we ran cross-country and track together in high school.

After that time, we didn’t keep too much in touch. I got to see him every other summer between semesters, but that was about it. So I was happy to hear from a mutual friend that not only was he doing well, but that he had decided to pursue his dream of a career in acting.

In the ‘cast we discuss transitioning into an artistic career, building a personal brand, and what it takes to follow that weird talent thing most don’t understand. I bring up his staggering stage work, and Larry says some interesting and encouraging things to the younger audience.

Aside from (or in addition to) the above attention-grabbing fact, Larry is currently working two shows at the same time, both at SA cultural bastions The Magik Theatre and The Vex. While the Magik show is sold out, the recently opened Vex show is an adaptation of Hamlet set on a Steampunk airship. I’m definitely going to that one.

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