The First Session is Always Free

Change is essential to life. It is in the very nature of the seasons, the weather, of our own bodies.

And yet our society hardly allows the space necessary for these changes, much less those which occur at our personal level, at the very centre of our lives.

Little still is provided in the way of tools for our own personal growth. We lack true, experiential education in the way of food, water, movement, traditional herbal medicines, and paths of detoxification, much less the spiritual connection running through all of these.

That’s where I come in.

As a child I was raised between the teachings of the Christian church and my grandmother’s stories of Chickasaw history. Teenage weekends were spent on a Texas Hill Country Ranch, while training on the trails as an award-winning cross-country runner. In both teachings and lifestyles I was shown to connect with the life in all things, and to seek healing from nature and real, natural foods.

However, when I left the hills I fell into the Standard American Diet (SAD, lol), made even worse by my collegiate musician’s lifestyle. I quickly developed extreme inflammation throughout my entire body due to processed foods, and subsequently experienced intense breathing problems, drastic gut irritation, sleep issues, and overwhelming anxiety and depression as the result.

Thankfully, through a long process I woke back up to the natural health that was my inheritance. I based my diet on organic whole foods, clean water, and studied breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, detoxification and ancient medicinal herbs. I then went on to study holistic health through the C.H.E.K. Institute, receiving my Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification. Through the application of these practical, foundational techniques I have utterly reversed most of my core issues, with the rest soon to follow.

“Core” is the key word here. It’s my joy and honor to work with those who are seeking restoration at the deepest level and, having hit bottom before, I am privileged to share the measures I took to cleanse and empower myself to where I am now: absolute health, strength, and pure enjoyment of life.

I’m Joshua. And I would absolutely love to collaborate in your restoration.

So, if you are looking to rediscover the power, peace, and genuine enjoyment of life that always forms the foundation of your being, and if you would like to do so through 100% natural, beneficial means, then I would very much like to have a conversation.

My central focuses are gut health restoration and morning routine development, but I am experienced also in improving sleep, finding your Primal Pattern Diet Type (ancient metabolic typing), and uncovering your hidden food allergies to make your life much more enjoyable. I also love working with empaths and HSPs, so don’t hesitate to message me.

The first 30-minute call is always free, and I enjoy meeting in-person whenever possible. Fill out the form below to get in contact, or simply message me on social media (@jloveroads everywhere) to get connected.

I look forward to our collaboration.