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Josh Casey of Hug a Root Family Farms (Roam Free 011)

The other day I was able to walk through the land that Josh Casey, founder and operator of Hug a Root Family Farms in Abilene, Texas, cultivates.

Birds sing from the nearby trees, leaves of radish and carrot reach to the sun, and when you nudge the soil just a bit, the earth comes up rich and black.

I filmed a tour through this acreage from which Josh feeds thirty families. Throughout he explains his road to restoration, from morbid obesity and addiction to the liberation through food he provides not only to multiple local families, but to his own.

The film leads up to when I sat down to set up the podcast equipment on his front porch with a half gallon of kombucha and the birds singing in the breeze.

I hope you enjoy this episode. It certainly has been my favorite so far, and I am excited to keep up this trend of increased value.

Please share this episode and the message of Hug a Root. If you are in the area, Hug a Root is always looking to add partners to its list. The contact info via social media is below, listen to the episode for details.

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