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Paul Shreve Helped Invent the Internet (and He Writes Great Songs, too)

Oftentimes in our society we see a strange division, that of the artistic from the technological. Those who are “creatives” or artists are supposed to be those without technical skill, are believed to be those for whom business and innovative prospects are just out of reach.

My guest this week clearly does not get this belief.

Paul Shreve grew up in the deserts of California and worked his way out of his small hometown to the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara. There he went to college while working a variety of jobs, most notably making money playing in orchestral pits for touring productions such as Godspell and multiple famous folk acts.

As both a songwriter and performer Shreve had budding talent with which he was also making a living. But it wasn’t until Shreve got a night job hooking up strange connective wiring systems at universities that he really hit it big.

Shreve was putting together some of the very first ever connections for what would become the Internet. Working first with California universities and small companies, Shreve later transitioned to the world’s first big Internet company, Cisco Systems. Cisco took him all around the world, and he settled in London, where Shreve lived for a decade with his family.

An aspect of Paul’s job which stands out the most is his work in the Middle East. His biggest mission there was to make sure that the Internet stayed free and unhampered, especially for women and minority groups.

Paul performs often at his current residence of Austin, TX with his friends Jeff and Pete, the former of whom is on this podcast as well. They perform two excellent original songs live, two performances which I was stoked to capture.

We owe a whole lot of of our connected life to this man, and I am honored and grateful to have sat down with my friend to talk about these amazing adventures at his beautiful Hill Country abode.


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