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Humanity’s Spiritual Connection to Food

It has become more and more apparent to me recently that what humanity is lacking is what I have been trained in all my life: a deep connection to the soil, specifically through our food.

This is what I learned fishing and hunting growing up. This is what I learned from my Grandmother though my Chickasaw ancestry. This is what I’ve learned after trail running for a decade. This is what I’ve learned from my shaman friend and teacher. This is what I’ve learned from my Holistic Lifestyle Coach training. And this is what I’ve been shown these last few years as I’ve tuned in more and more to my spirit and the ancient wisdom of my body.

The truth is that when we listen to our bodies more and more with regards to what we consider to be the “basics” of life, specifically food and water, we can begin to determine the natural way of being which is our inheritance, and the natural state of health which is our birthright.

I have been trained through the various ways above, through direct and ancestral experience, to link up with my food sources, to determine what is good and best for my being, and so for the health and restoration of the rest of the world.

This is so much more than wellness. And I believe this is where our world is heading. Because the truth is that we need a way of being in the world that is much denser, much more ancient than the flighty, abrupt measure of graceless rhythm that most of us inhabit, that I have inhabited up until relatively recently. Our true state is that of a deep remembering, a true knowing based upon our relations with the seasons and other creatures within it.

And the grace of this knowing, of this asking for truth is that you certainly get it. One cannot stretch out their hand for long in this world before it is filled; one cannot long in the body for true sustenance without satiation.

So, my friends, a few guideposts at this stage:

Eat organic as standard. The neurotoxins and hormone inhibitors in pesticides destroy the biome of our gut, thus destroying our genetics and the manner in which our children come into this world. Much of our relations with neurological disorders and other serious disabilities are defined by this; current projections state that in less than 20 years 1 in 2 children will be born with autism due to glyphosate in the gut. The good news is that all toxins can be flushed from our human system with simple detox methods based upon a diet of clean, real, water-filled (fruits and greens) organic food.

A second admonition: eat local. My friends who are local organic farmers are saints of this present age. They dedicate their lives to the good cause of sustaining those who are awake, of energizing and supplying life to our bodies. They deserve your support, as your body deserves the real food.

Local organic farming methods are the way of restoring the soil. Today, we know that our produce is 3-8 times less nutritious than it was in the fifties due to conventional farming methods. The ways of tilling the soil yearly and killing microorganisms with pesticides releases carbon (ironically our vitamins and minerals) into the atmosphere, destroying soil health. This is entirely unacceptable, especially when we consider that our bodies and those of our children are composed of this soil through our food.

Instead of supporting this deleterious and insane way of divorce from ancestral standards of a future of health, support the work of such dutiful healers of the land as Gray Gardens, or Hug a Root Family Farms. These local farmers rotate crops and let land rest, laying down soil nutrients and other restorative agents in order that the land might be left better than how they found it.

Vote with your dollar, or better yet, vote with your state of being. Other essential methods of cleansing are replacing household cleaners with non-toxic, natural cleaners and learning how to fast, which is probably the most effective and certainly ancient technique for restoration.

Make yourself a vehicle of such light that others are unable to resist asking about your fantastic life energy and wealth of presence, how you bring this to every room, without effort and with restorative intention. The truly evangelistic way of health is one where you reach out to others much less than they reach out for what you obviously have. 

And let’s all realize our inherent spiritual heritage in the land. After all, it wasn’t more than 100 years ago when we all actually lived in that way. Our bodies have deep memory, and simply restoring them to their natural way of being will be the asking they have longed for to remind you consciously of your natural belonging.

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Vegan and Back Again: A Story of Restoration and Deep Guidance

So, I broke vegan today.


Just a couple people flipped out, so that’s ok.

The truth tho is that I’ve been dealing with this craving for meat these last couple weeks that at some times has been unreal. I really haven’t had that kind of craving in a damn long time, and I was trying to figure what it was when I did something I’ve been developing these past few months:

I checked in with my body to see what it wanted.

And when I checked in, my body was like,

“Duuuude that bison and bacon Epic Bar sounds sooooo good right now….”

I was slightly horrified.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my body. And in these past few months, I’ve really taken great pains to pay attention to it, to see what it wants, to listen to and respect its needs.

I listened when it said I needed to quit grains. I did so, and all of a sudden my digestive issues went away, my energy went way up, and color started coming back into my skin.

I listened when it said it needed more raw plants. I pretty much went fully Raw Vegan for a couple months (fruitarian for a few days), and my body was 100% right. My allergies pretty much went away, drive and concentration went up, and I started clocking way more sleep than usual.

But when my body cried for MEAT, I did trip a bit.

Last night I had a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment. I was up till about 3 AM thinking about abundance, spiritual connection to the land, and how to eat to heal the world. I think about this stuff all the time, about future generations and causal actions I take which affect them. But this time I got hit hard.

And, as usually happens in these times, I had a serious revelation:

We have to restore our BODIES in order to restore the PLANET.

And the key to this is actually LISTENING to what our bodies are telling us.

And you know what the funny thing about Restoration and Listening is? The first step in both is REST.

REST for us humans is dropping out of our minds, into our bodies. It’s checking in at the level of our souls, and making sure we have the spiritual backing to any decision before we make it.

Y’all, the vegan thing is amazing, and I’m so glad I did it. I had 3 1/2 years without meat and nearly no dairy, and it healed a lot of me. This process was one I’m thankful for and have learned a lot from. I know now that my body was REALLY wanting to get cleaned out from all the nonsense junk it had had thus far, and plants certainly did it.

And guess what? That phase was a step of spiritual cleaning-out and restoration. And so is this one. But it was also a process up to this point.

For the first couple years my standards were that I just avoid animal products. While this was a blessing for a while, it led me to eat a ton of stuff that really destroyed my body.


We are all on our own spiritual path, and the reality for some will certainly not be the reality of others. In fact, the worst thing we can do is to create divisions within ourselves and start infighting about specific dietary nonsense.

If we are awake to eating good food, why should we shut down somebody else who is also awake, even if they have preferences that seem different from ours?

The reality is that it’s not just perennial plants that will save the world, but also animals. And at this stage in our conscious evolution, we NEED animal ag that is about the restoration of grasslands. This is ESSENTIAL to our thriving.

So my standards have changed. I believe now in restorative agriculture on all levels, perennial plants and restorative meats being on the forefront of the agricultural revolution that will save the world. For this, I am eating as organic as possible, and as local as is practicable.

In my dream of the world I see food forests with acres of perennial, organic plants ready to eat, being tended by chickens, hogs, and goats, as well as vast grasslands with bison and cattle.

ALL of these factors restore the land.

ALL are essential.

And I intend, with my diet, to support the restoration of this planet in exactly the manner my soul dictates.

And good lord, that bison and bacon bar was good.